46 SHORT - Just A Liability CD

46 SHORT - Just A Liability  CD
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Południowo-kalifornijski revival hc/punka z lat 80-tych. W składzie kluczowi członkowie Final Conflict. Coś dla tych którzy pamiętają Adolescents , Agent Orange , Black Flag i Suicidal Tendencies. Krótkie, szybkie i zwarte...

A southern California hardcore revival band featuring key members of late-'90s O.C. punks Final Conflict (not, of course, the British prog metal group from the '80s), 46 Short offer a dead-on recreation of the southern California punk ethos of the early '80s. Strong echoes of the Adolescents , Agent Orange , Black Flag and Suicidal Tendencies are all over their 14-track (plus one pointless bonus track that mostly consists of someone's nasty wet hacking cough) debut.

1.     Last In Line
2.     Just A Liability
3.     Positively Negative
4.     Doctrine
5.     Judge Me
6.     I Know What You Need
7.     The Choice
8.     1 In 25
9.     Numb
10.     Everybody's Running
11.     Moral Soldier
12.     "Friend"
13.     Parasite
14.     Don't Want To Play

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