DEFEATER - Letters Home LP

DEFEATER - Letters Home  LP
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Producent: Bridge 9

Nowa, trzecia, bardzo oczekwiana płyta Defeatera. I znów epickie historie, w których przebija się społeczna i ekologiczna wrażliwość, w hardcorowym ostrzu usłyszymy zarowno melodie jak akustyczne brzmienia, a całość jest czyms w rodzaju koncept albumu

Massachusetts-based Defeater is a band that plays by their own rules; they write narrative songs about fictional characters, release concept albums, mix melodic hardcore with acoustic ballads - all the while tapping into issues such as social awareness and environmental activism. Defeater's third full-length continues the complex, comprehensive storytelling found in their prior releases through Derek Archambault's screaming and soaring vocals. "Letters Home" is the band's most mature effort yet, while remaining true to their genre-defying roots. Vinyl Version includes digital download.

1.     Bastards
2.     No Shame
3.     Hopeless Again
4.     Blood In My Veins
5.     No Relief
6.     No Faith
7.     Dead Set
8.     No Savior
9.     Rabbit Foot
10.     Bled Out

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