Neighborhood Brats - No Sun No Tan LP

Neighborhood Brats - No Sun No Tan LP
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Świetny punk rock kapeli z Los Angeles, przywodzący na myśl koncówkę lat 70-tych, oraz zespoły typu Avengers. To kompilacja trzech pierwszych singli Neighborhood Brats. Na tej płycie lato nigdy nie mija.

Compilation LP of the first three Neighborhood Brats releases: Neighborhood Brats EP, We Own the Night 7" and Ocean Beach Party 7". Also includes two unreleased studio tracks. Often described as Black Flag meets the Avengers with a Killed By Death and Dangerhouse-inspired method of attack, this is the complete recorded output of the band's first year of existence, prior to their relocation from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Helmed by vocalist Jenny Angelillo and guitarist George Rager, and featuring the Brats' original rhythm section lineup consisting of bassist Jasmine Watson and drummer Kirk Podell (both pulled simultaneous double-duty in Neo Cons).

1. Fast & Loose 01:56
2.Lurking the Loin 01:43
3.Throw Away Girl 01:37
4.Trampage 01:42
5.FTW 01:39
6.White Girl (VKTMS) 01:58
7.We Own the Night 01:42
8.Ocean Beach Party 01:12
9.Shark Beach 02:19
10.Sick Tatts 01:29
11.Stabber 01:16

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