Rubella Ballet - Anarchy In The UV CD

Rubella Ballet - Anarchy In The UV  CD
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Producent: Overground

Jeden z bardziej oryginalnych, a na pewno najbardziej fantazyjnie przebranych zespołów anarcho-punkowej sceny brytyjskiej początku lat 80-tych, powstały na koncercie Crassu, kiedy zespół swoim zwyczajem zostawiał publiczności sprzęt do dyspozycji. tam po raz pierwszy zagrała RB. Płyta zawiera debiutanckie demo, singiel oraz pierwszy studyjny album zespołu. Obok Poison Girls, Flux Of OPink Indians czy Zounds podstawa ówczesnego brzmienia anarcho-punka.

Rubella Ballet formed in 1979 by Sid Ation (Flux of Pink Indians) on drums, however, the nucleus of the band came from the famous Crass gig where the Crass invited the audience to use their equipment and finish off the evening doing their own thing as they wanted and left the crowd in charge, so Sid got up on the drums and his girlfriend Zillah Minx grabbed a mic. The band have become infamous for their different and innovative style of music and the shock value of wearing ultraviolet day-glo clothes to brighten up London's east end, dark, violent, poor, ghettoized, drug dealing, working class shithole that they lived in into a different land as everywhere they went people smiled and laughed instead of wanting to kill them.

Rubella Ballet who are still fronted and managed by Zillah Minx who has, with all her friends around the world, created the whole Day-glo Death Rock punk scene.

Anarchy In The U.V. includes two unreleased tracks, their debut cassette tape Ballet Bag (1982) , the 4 track 7" EP Ballet Dance (1982), their debut album At Last Its Play Time (1985) and the 12" version of Money Talks (1985) all digitally remastered and packed in a 12-page booklet designed by Sid and Zillah.

1. Napalm
2. The Night Russia Died
3. T
4. Belfast
5. A Dream Of Honey
6. Newz
7. Slant & Slide 8.Me
9. Krack Trak
10. Blues
11. Exit
12. Ballet Dance
13. Unemployed
14. Something To Give
15. Intro
16. Love Life
17. Tangled Web
18. TV Scream
19. Death Train
20. See Saw
21. Games Of Life
22. Trial 13
23. Twister
24. Money Talks


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