RUBELLA BALLET - Never Mind The Day-Glo Here's CD

RUBELLA BALLET - Never Mind The Day-Glo Here's  CD
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Producent: Overground

Jeden z najbardziej odjazdowych przedstawicieli brytyjskiego anarcho-punka i ich sztandarowe albumy If oraz At The Rainbow 1986 i 1990, oraz dwa single: 42F i Arctic Flower z lat 1984 i 1986 w ramach bonusa 1984 rok.

Never Mind The Day-Glo compiles 20 tracks from the band's most successful period. Included are the albums If and At The Rainbow and the singles 42F and Arctic Flowers, all digitally remastered and packed in a 12-page booklet designed by Sid and Zillah.

By 1984 Rubella Ballet had progressed musically, far more than any of their contemporaries in the anarcho-punk scene. Adopting both gothic and poppier influences, their new sound coupled with their unique dayglo look saw them achieve increasing commercial success with 1984's 42F 12"(Jungle Records) reaching no. 10 in the Independent Charts.

The band then formed their own label Ubiquitous Records which resulted in their most prolific period with the release of the classic If album (1985), Money Talks 12" (1985), At Last It" Playtime 12" (1985), Arctic Flowers 12" (1986), Cocktail Mix LP (1987) and Birthday Box LP (1988). Their last album was 1990's At The End Of The Rainbow.

Rubella Ballet remain active. Recent gigs have shown that their power continues undiminished, with a live performance better than ever and songs that have politically and ethically more than stood the test of time; showing how groundbreaking those 25 year-old ideas really were! If only someone had listened!

Sid & Zillah without doubt, not only the King & Queen of Punk, but cultural icons for a new generation!

Slant & Slide
Blind Ambition
Arctic Flowers
Plastic Life
Every Second Counts
Cowboy Hero
False Promises
Contorted Circles
Red Alert
It'll Never Happen To Me
Love Potion
Rainbow Love
Dream Dreamer
Animal House


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