DEATH DEALERS - Files Of Atrocity CD

DEATH DEALERS - Files Of Atrocity CD
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Prawdziwa "załoga marzeń" złożona z członków Extreme Noise Terror, Raw Noise i Anti-Cimex. Czysta dis-zagłada, zresztą po tych kolesiach którzy graja tę muzykę od 20 lat, nikt nie spodziewa sie niczego innego. (2010)

Remember when you used to create a “dream-team-band” in your head? If it used to count with Extreme Noise Terror, Raw Noise and Anti-Cimex members, then you are one lucky motherfucker! Death Dealers is a new raw Crust D-beat band with Dean Jones, Phil Vane and Chino from E.N.T and Charlie Claeson from Anti-Cimex alongside with Chris Casket, Rocki and Barney Monger from Raw Noise! Pure Dis-Cimex annihilation done by people playing punk for more than 20 years. This record will open a vortex in your house and throw you in a dirty english squat circa 1983! Artwork & design by Sean Fitzgerald. For fans of: Extreme Noise Terror, Anti-Cimex, Raw Noise, Discharge, Doom, Disrupt..

A1         Global Control       
A2         Fix To Feed       
A3         Blinded By Fame       
A4         Starvation Sells       
A5         The Only Solution       
A6         Drug Wars       
B1         As The Machine Gun Rivers Flow       
B2         Age Of Illusions       
B3         Countries In Flames       
B4         Under Siege       
B5         Blood Empires       
B6         Brute Force

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