MAINTAIN - Save Yourself CD

MAINTAIN - Save Yourself  CD
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Spazmatyczny, z pasją zagrany hardcore z Bostonu. Od Snapcase do Unbroken.


Maintain are a relatively young band from Massachusetts. They've released an EP on Words Of War and toured europe with this album, which was released about a year ago. Taking cues from some of your favourite 90's hardcore bands, Maintian is leaning towards a Snapcase-meets-Trial sound. It is heavy, noisy, has great build-ups, and it makes you go nuts without having to rely on breakdowns every ten seconds. Somehow they manage to sound tight and controlled, while adding a litte bit of chaos to the mix, kinda like Unbroken. Bane/Comeback Kid fans will hate this for not having a million unnecessary sing alongs per song, and the tough guy douchebags will hate this for not sounding like Terror or whatever they're into these days, but if you're into stuff like Have Heart, give them a try. I definitely recommend this.

1     Save Yourself    
2     Outgrow    
3     Touching From A Distance    
4     The Noose    
5     Good Morning, Apathy    
6     Tears And Laughter    
7     Damn The Torpedoes    


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