AIDEN - Rain In Hell CD/DVD

AIDEN -  Rain In Hell   CD/DVD
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Cena: 19.00zł
Producent: victory

CD-1     A Candlelight Intro     2:12
CD-2     The Suffering     3:44
CD-3     We Sleep Forever     3:17
CD-4     Die Die My Darling     3:22
CD-5     White Wedding     3:31
CD-6     Silent Eyes     3:25
    Live At The House Of Blues In Chicago, IL
DVD-1     Knife Blood Nightmare    
DVD-2     The Last Sunrise    
DVD-3     Die Romantic    
DVD-4     I Set My Friends On Fire    
DVD-5     World By Storm    
DVD-6     Knife Blood Nightmare (Music Video)    
DVD-7     The Last Sunrise (Music Video)    
DVD-8     Die Romantic (Music Video)    
    Bonus Footage
DVD-9     The Last Sunrise (Live Video)    
DVD-10     Die Romantic (Live Video)    
DVD-11     Unbreakable (Live Video)    
DVD-12     I Set My Friends On Fire (Live Video

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