THE OLD FIRM CASUALS - A Butchers Banquet CD

THE OLD FIRM CASUALS - A Butchers Banquet CD
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Producent: Randale

Nowa płyta skinowskiego zespołu Lars Frederiksena. Bardziej siarczysta i bardziej rock'n'rollowa.


"A Butchers Banquet" is the follow-up to The Old Firm Casuals' barn-burning debut full-length "This Means War." With "A Butchers Banquet," The Old Firm Casuals take their sound to an epic realm with seven huge songs that further establish the band's place among the international streetpunk elite. The record shows a range of musical influences from Motorhead to AC/DC that makes the songs sound decidedly more rock 'n' roll than their previous releases while still coming off as more aggressive and angry than ever before. The lyrics reflect the current bullshit US political climate and indict the white collar criminals and socialite elitists that have put us in such a tailspin. The guitars cut. The bass drives. The drums pound. The vocals grate.

1.     Kamprab
2.     God And Guns
3.     Entitled Generation
4.     Breakout
5.     A Butchers Banquet
6.     Killing Time
7.     Noddy Holder

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