THE BACKUP PLAN - Dearest Whomever CD

THE BACKUP PLAN - Dearest Whomever  CD
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Chłopaki z new Jersey zakochane w Kid Dynamite i Lifetime. Moze zbyt mocno to slychać, ale grają znakomicie. Ostro, melodyjnie, z zadziorem. 2003 rok. druga płyta. Nie istneiją już, ale to jest naprawde fajne.

From Long Island, New York home of modern-day legends such as GLASSJAW, THE MOVIELIFE, TAKING BACK SUNDAY and BRAND NEW comes THE BACKUP PLAN. Often compared to the likes of KID DYNAMITE, LIFETIME and GRADE, these relative newcomers have quickly made a name for themselves as the band to watch. This album delivers the goods with twelve tracks of powerful, melodic hardcore and tons of hooks.


1.     Holyshitholyshitholyfuckingshit
2.     Even The Mona Lisa Is Falling Apart
3.     I Broke Your Heart And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt
4.     Keep The Change Motherfucker
5.     Send Her Seaworthy
6.     Sweet Revenge On St. Marks High School
7.     Looks Like I'm Back On Suicide Watch
8.     The 'House Always Wins
9.     Things Dignan's Not Supposed To Touch
10.     The Faithful Never Cross Their Fingers
11.     Horseshoes And Hand Grenades
12.     Are You Writing This Shit Down Ace?

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