TOKEN ENTRY - From Beneath The Streets LP

TOKEN ENTRY - From Beneath The Streets  LP
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Jedni z weteranów nowojorskiej sceny, ale w jej nieco lżejszej odsłonie. Pierwsza płyta z 1987 roku.

By the time Token Entry released "From Beneath The Streets" in 1987 on Kevin Seconds' Positive Force label, they were already one of NYHC's most beloved bands. Having existed in a slightly different incarnation as Gilligan's Revenge in the early half of the 1980's, Token Entry was comprised of scene vets from New York's hardcore-rich borough of Queens. One of the few NYHC bands of that era that managed to tour extensively, they were notorious for their high-energy shows and their lack of patience for tough-guy posturing. No account of late '80s, CBGB matinee-era NYHC is complete without this album. The present reissue makes "From Beneath The Streets" available on vinyl for the first time since the late '90s, complete with faithful reproductions of the original covers and inserts. LP includes free MP3 download of the entire album.

1.     Intro
2.     Revelation
3.     Psycho
4.     Antidote
5.     Latent Images
6.     Think About It
7.     Over You
8.     Actions
9.     The Edge
10.     Forbidden Zone
11.     Look Around
12.     Decide
13.     Death Row
14.     Tragic Magic

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