CHRIST ON PARADE - Sounds Of Nature CD

CHRIST ON PARADE - Sounds Of Nature  CD
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Pierwsza płyta kalifornijskiej politycznej kapeli z 1986 roku, związanej ze środowiskiem anarchsitycznego klubu 924 Gilman. Czad a la Crucifix, jedna z większych inspiracji wczesnego Neurosis (jeden z czlonków dołączył do nich później, a inny do Econochrist). Reedycja plus bonusy.

This 19-track reissue collects the "Sounds Of Nature" LP, both the band's tracks from the Thrasher Skate Rock Vol. 3 compilation, the "Isn't Life A Dream" EP from 1986 (all long out of print) and a previously unreleased Avengers cover. Comes beautifully packaged with the original cover art. Christ On Parade played an integral role in the scene that surrounded Gilman Street at its beginnings and Bay Area hardcore punk during that era.

1.     Drop Out
2.     The Plague - Mirror Image
3.     Thoughts Of War
4.     Flash
5.     Chaos Breeder
6.     Another Country
7.     No Truth
8.     Landlord Song
9.     For Your Viewing Pleasure
10.     America The Myth
11.      Human Laboratory
12.     My Life
13.     Don't Draft Me
14.     Things Are Turning A Different Color
15.     Something To Live For
16.     Let Me Explain
17.     What's Love
18.     Words
19.     The American In Me

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