SUBHUMANS - New Dark Age Parade (CANADA) CD

SUBHUMANS - New Dark Age Parade  (CANADA) CD
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Producent: Alternative Tentacles

Powrót w dużym stylu legendarnej kanadyjskiej grupy przełomu lat 70/80 (nie mylić z angielskim Subhumans) słynnej ze swego zaangażowania w "akcje bezpośrednie" (lider spędził kilka lat w więzieniu z tego powodu). Świetna płyta old schoolowego, zaangażowanego politycznie punk rocka dla fanów DOA czy Dead Kennedys

In Canada's glorious punk history, few embodied the greatness of the 1978-82 era like THE SUBHUMANS (not to be confused with the UK SUBHUMANS). This titan of Vancouver punk engaged with the burgeoning worldwide movement and shared stages with BLACK FLAG, DEAD KENNEDYS and BAD BRAINS. They also lived by their ideology, with Gerry Hannah's involvement in Direct Action protests in the 1980s. New Dark Age Parade, unleashes 14 new songs, the first written by original members Mike Graham, Brian Goble and Gerry Hannah since 1982! Joined by drummer Jon Card (SNFU/DOA), the new songs are every bit as dynamic, powerful and poignant as the band's beloved early material. They rock out with seething intelligence and soulfulness. The sound is both classic and unique; Biafra says "you can tell who it is right away," and these guys have been around too long to bother imitating anyone else! Rather than rehashing the past, THE SUBHUMANS forge ahead with compelling vitality.

World At War    
People Of The Plague    
Mindless Tough Guy Act    
Shut Your Eyes    
Clash Of The Intransigents    
Moving Forward    
Daisy Cutter    
Nowhere To Run Anymore    
Life Sure Can Suck    
In Good Company    
Blood, Sweat And Beers    
I Got Religion    
Modern Business

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