Black Ball - Never regret CD

Black Ball - Never regret CD
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Street rock z Australii.

No stranger to the Australian scene, Bevan Wilkerson has been busting power chords on his guitar since the 80’s in acts such as Cremator, Rust and more recently THE CORPS. BLACK BALL is his solo-project and proved last year that his debut 7” “Coward’s Punch” was a straight knock-out! Now the thunder from down under is back with his first full-length “NEVER REGRET”, delivering an album filled with that rockin’ Aussie sound!

A1. Evil inside
A2. Always remember
A3. Everyone will be here
A4. Old school
A5. Time
B1. Nothing is for free
B2. The journey
B3. Polar opposite
B4. Unveil the truth
B5. Friday night

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