The Cravats - The Land Of The Giants (The Best Of The Jazz-Punk Colossals) CD

The Cravats - The Land Of The Giants (The Best Of The Jazz-Punk Colossals) CD
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Producent: Overground

Odjazdowy, neo-dadaistyczny, ekscentryczny punk rock z wysp brytyjskich, wiele wspólnego z brzmieniem Crass

The Cravats' career at the pinnacle of the late 1970s jazz-punk hybrid comes in for a very welcome reassessment, via a two-CD, 32-song compilation that traces the band (in distinctly non-chronological order) from the early convolutions of 1979's The End EP through to the farewell "Land of the Giants" 12" in 1985. In between times, a clutch of choice album and single sides are joined by sundry rarities, with four self-confessed lo-fi live recordings to round out an invigorating experience. Land of the Giants is not an easy ride; as much as any of the bands that shared this particular genre, the Cravats concentrated their energies on dislocation and alienation. But the code is not too difficult to crack, and repeated listens disclose a beauty that is all the more exciting for its apparent obscurity.

1.1     –The Cravats     Off The Beach     2:18
1.2     –The Cravats     Terminus     3:10
1.3     –The Cravats     There Is No International Rescue     4:18
1.4     –The Cravats     I Am The Dreg     3:20
1.5     –The Cravats     Daddy's Shoes     3:51
1.6     –The Cravats     Working Down Underground     2:57
1.7     –The Cravats     Ice-cubists     1:55
1.8     –The Cravats     Rub Me Out     5:45
1.9     –The Cravats     Who's In Here With Me     4:23
1.10     –The Cravats     Land Of The Giants     4:10
1.11     –The Cravats     The Shroud Of New York (Chapter 1)     4:40
1.12     –The Cravats     The Station     3:46
1.13     –The Cravats     Execute His Will     7:13
2.1     –The Cravats     Still     2:14
2.2     –The Cravats     Triplex Zone     2:57
2.3     –The Cravats     You're Driving Me     4:54
2.4     –The Cravats     XMP     2:27
2.5     –The Cravats     Firemen     4:19
2.6     –The Cravats     All On Standby     2:55
2.7     –The Cravats     In Your Eyes     2:24
2.8     –The Cravats     And The Sun Shone     4:55
2.9     –The Cravats     Precint     3:00
2.10     –The Cravats     The Shroud Of New York (Chapter 2)     3:37
2.11     –The Cravats     The Hole     1:52
2.12     –The Cravats     When Will We Fall     4:30
2.13     –The Cravats     Ceasing To Be     2:17
2.14     –The Cravats     The End     3:40
2.15     –The Cravats With Paul Hartnoll     Seance     3:25
2.16     –The Cravats     Still (Live)     2:14
2.17     –The Cravats     In Your Eyes (Live)     2:24
2.18     –The Cravats     Tears On My Machine     3:00
2.19     –The Cravats     I Hate The Universe     3:50

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