SPERMBIRDS - A Columbus Feeling CD

SPERMBIRDS - A Columbus Feeling CD
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Niemcom ciężko o hardcore'owy feeling, ale wspomgani przez amerykański desant wokalny (rewelacyjny Lee Hollis) zasłużyli na miano legendy niemieckiego hc/punka. To ich pierwszy od 6 lat premierowy album. I wciąż są świetni!

The German Hardcore Punk legends are back!! “A COLUMBUS FEELING” is the first new SPERMBIRDS album in 6 years! To tie in with the release of “A COLUMBUS FEELING” the band will tour all over mainland Europe as a double headliner with YOUTH OF TODAY throughout September and should hit the UK for their first shows in nearly a decade in November! The release of a new SPERMBIRDS album is always something special, and “A COLUMBUS FEELING” is everything you’d want from the SPERMBIRDS – and more! This is classic SPERMBIRDS !! Also available on vinyl.. check our other listing!

1. Matter Of Fact
2. Columbus Feeling
3. Stacks & Piles
4. Meet Me In The Middle
5. Can`t live Without it
6. Black In A Rainbow
7. Choose Not To Look
8. Legend Of The Honest Men
9. A Cliff To Jump Off Of
10. Try And Stop Us
11. Strategy For Victory
12. Let Me Think
13. Honestly

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