COMEBACK KID - Broadcasting LP

COMEBACK KID - Broadcasting  LP
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Producent: victory

To już doskonale obczajona "gwiazda" hardcore. To ich trzeci album z 2007 roku. Pałer, polot, melodia, chóry...


Comeback Kid need no introduction, as they have established themselves as one of the biggest and most important hardcore bands of their time. Through relentless touring and two critically acclaimed albums, the band built themselves from playing basements in their hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba, to spanning the globe alongside bands like Gorilla Biscuits, Rise Against, Madball, Sick of it All, Bane and many more. This third full length continues where "Wake The Dead" left off, with shouting choruses, melodic guitars and punishing breakdowns. Now available on colored vinyl.

1.     Defeated
2.     Broadcasting...
3.     Hailing On Me
4.     The Blackstone
5.     Industry Standards
6.     Give'r     
7.     One Left Satisfied
8.     Come Around
9.     In Case Of Fire
10.     Market Demands
11.     In/Tuition

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