SNAPCASE - Designs For Automotion LP

SNAPCASE - Designs For Automotion LP
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Producent: victory

The long-awaited release from this Buffalo, NY hardcore outfit. Snapcase is single-handedly redefining itself and the genre of hardcore with this record. Every element, from Daryl Taberski's over-the-top screams, to the chunky, stop-and-go riffs, has been multiplied by ten. At once precisely technical and passionately musical.


1.     Target
2.     Disconnector
3.     Bleeding Orange
4.     Typecast Modulator
5.     Are You Tuned In?
6.     Twentieth Nervous Breakdown
7.     Energy Dome
8.     Ambition Now
9.     Break The Static
10.     Blemish
11.     Box Seat

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