VARUKERS - Another Religion Another War CD

VARUKERS - Another Religion Another War CD
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Klasyczna płyta Varukers z 1984 roku, plus inne nagrania z okresu "Riot City" 1983-1984

Varukers' 1984 follow up to their classic debut "Bloodsuckers" essentially reiterated what we already knew they were capable of. Their pure british-hardcore blur built on Motorhead-influenced riffing and uncompromising political lyrics reaches here his peak of perfection, pinpointing the urge of punk rock that so many many were abandoning by then in the uprising post punk scene.

1.     Die For Your Government    
2.     All Systems Fail    
3.     Led To The Slaughter    
4.     The End Is Nigh    
5.     You re Dead    
6.     Protest & Survive    
7.     Nowhere To Go    
8.     No Masters No Slaves    
9.     Don t Conform    
10.     Android    
11.     March Of The S.A.S.    
12.     Nodda (Contraceptive Machine)    
13.     Government s To Blame    
14.     Tell Us What We Want To Here    
15.     Dont Wanna Be A Victim    
16.     What The Hell Do You Know    
17.     Schools Out (Maybe)    
18.     Another Religion Another War    
19.     No Escape    
20.     Condemned To Death    
21.     The Last War    
22.     Who Pays?    
23.     Neglected    
24.     Deadly Games    
25.     Seek Shelter In Hell

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