DISCHARGE - Never Again CD

DISCHARGE - Never Again  CD
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Drugie wydawnictwo Discharge z 1984 roku. Absolutna klasyka dis-punka: śmierć, zagłada i zniszczenie w 17 kawałkach.

"Never Again" is the second official album released by Discharge in 1984, the full-length collects the finest moments of Discharge with 17 tracks culled from the band's ample discography of mini albums and 7" singles from its peak period.

2.Never Again
3.Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing
4.The Nightmare Continues
5.Where There Is A Will
6.Drunk With Power
7.The Final Blood Bath
8.Anger Burning
9.Two Monstrous Nuclear Stockpiles
10.The Price Of Silence
11.Protest & Survive
12.Born To Die In The Gutter
13.Dooms’ Day
14.The More I See
15.State Violence State Control
16.In Defence Of Our Future

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