ANGELIC UPSTARTS - Teenage Warning  CD
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Producent: Captain Oi!

Pierwsza plyta Angelic Upstarts, 1979 rok. Zestaw obowiązkowy.

This was the Upstarts first LP – it was released in 1979 by Warner Bros – and gave the band a UK National Chart No.29 hit. The No.31 “I’m An Upstart” and the No.29 “Teenage Warning” are both featured as is a re-record of their debut 45 “Liddle Towers”. We’ve added the original of that single and it’s seminal B-side “Police Oppression” to this essential release which is the perfect partner to the follow up “We Gotta Get Out Of This Place”.

1    1    Teenage Warning  
1    2    Student Power  
1    3    The Young Ones  
1    4    Never Again  
1    5    We Are The People  
1    6    Liddle Towers  
1    7    I'm An Upstart  
1    8    Small Town Small Mind  
1    9    Youth Leader  
1    10    Do Anything  
1    11    Let's Speed  
1    12    Leave Me Alone  
1    13    BONUS TRACKS The Murder Of Liddle Towers (Single Version)  
1    14    Police Oppression (Single Version)

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