KING PRAWN - Got The Thirst CD

KING PRAWN - Got The Thirst  CD
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Brytyjski ska/punk, istniejący od 1993 roku. W brzmieniu tej kapeli słychac oprocz ska i punka, także hardcore, metal, dub, reggae  i hip hop. Ostatnia płyta z 2003 roku.


"Got the Thirst" originally released in 2003, was the last album of London 'wildstyle' band KING PRAWN. King Prawn was among the most exciting ska-punk bands to come out of England in the '90s. Ska-punk is the foundation, but they have also been influenced by hardcore and alternative metal as well as hip-hop, funk, soul, and dancehall. King Prawn is able to incorporate all these influences without sounding confused or unfocused. 1.Bring Down The House
2.The Dominant View
3.Caught Inna Rut
4.Smoke Some Shit
5.The Loneliest Life
6.Hell Below
7.Bitter Taste
8.Raise The Banner
9.Lick Of The Flame
10.Gather Round
11.Satan's Folly
12.Another Great Escape
13.Viva Devi
14.If Dawn Comes...We Ride

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