ANTI-PASTI - The Last Call CD

ANTI-PASTI - The Last Call   CD
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Absolutna klasyka brytyjskiego punka. Pierwsza plyta Anti-Pasti z 1981 roku, w ekskluzywnym wydaniu  z masą bonusów.

"The last call" is the debut album by Anti-Pasti, it reached No.31 in the UK album charts where it spent 7 weeks upon it's initial release in 1981.

1.No Government
2.Brew Your Own
3.Another Dead Soldier
4.Call The Army (I’m Alive)
5.City Below
6.24 Hours
7.Night Of The Warcry
8.Freedom Row
9.St. George (Gets His Gun)
10.The Last Call
11.Ain’t Got Me
12.Truth And Justice
14.I Wanna Be Your Dog
15.No Government (Single Version)
17.Two Years Too Late
18.Something New
19.Ain’t Got Me (Wragby Studio Sessions)
20.Another Dead Soldier (Wragby Studio Session)
21.Let Them Free
22.Another Dead Soldier (Single Version)
23.Hell (Single Version)
24.Six Guns
25.Now’s The Time
26.Call The Army (I’m Alive) (Single Version)
27.Another Dead Soldier (Live Apocalypse Tour)
28.Two Years Too Late (Live Apocalypse Tour)
29.I Wanna Be Your Dog (Live Apocalypse Tour)

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