COCK SPARRER - The Decca Years CD

COCK SPARRER - The Decca Years   CD
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Pierwszy "hiszpański" album Cock Sparrera plus bonusy.

Essentially this is Sparrer’s Spanish only debut LP plus five bonus tracks to give a complete round up of all of their recordings for the Decca label. Includes the singles “We Love You” and “Runnin’ Riot” plus the Oi! compilation album cuts “Sunday Stripper” and “Chip On My Shoulder”. This one CD will save you a fortune as all of these original vinyl releases, due to their scarcity, are a minor fortune on the collectors second-hand market.

1    1    We Love You  
1    2    Sister Suzie  
1    3    Platinum Blonde  
1    4    Taken For A Ride  
1    5    Again And Again  
1    6    Runnin' Riot  
1    7    Chip On My Shoulder  
1    8    Watcha Gonna Do About It  
1    9    Teenage Heart  
1    10    I Need A Witness  
1    11    BONUS TRACKS Sunday Stripper  
1    12    Trouble On The Terraces  
1    13    What's It Like To Be Old  
1    14    Run For Cover  
1    15    What's It Like To Be Old (Version 2)

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