LURKERS - Fulham Fallout CD

LURKERS - Fulham Fallout  CD
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Cena: 52.00zł
Producent: Captain Oi!

Pionierzy punka 77 i ich pierwsza płyta w digipacku, z masą bonusów etc.

Digi-pak revamp for one of our most popular albums, the debut LP from The Lurkers which reached the U.K. National Top 50 back in 1978 and was recently voted into Q Magazines Top 100 Punk Albums of All Time and Mojo magazines 77 Essential Punk mashers Totally remasterd this comes with 14 bonus tracks and includes the British hit singles “Ain’t Got A Clue” (No.45) (voted into Record Collector magazines all time Punk Top 20), “Just Thirteen” (No.59 in the Mojo Greatest Punk Singles poll) and “I Don’t Need To Tell Her” (No.49) as well as the bands first two 45’s “Freak Show” and “Shadow” which was voted No.18 in Q Magazines Top 20 Punk Singles Of All Time.

1. Ain't Got A Clue
2. I Don't Need To Tell Her
3. Total War
4. Hey You
5. Shadow
6. Then I Kicked Her
7. Go Go Go
8. Jenny
9. Time Of Year
10. Self Destruct
11. It's Quiet Here
12. Gerald
13. I'm On Heat
14. Be My Prisoner
Bonus Tracks
15. Shadow (Single Version)
16. Love Story
17. Freak Show
18. Mass Media Believer
19. Ooh! Ooh! I Love You
20. Pills
21. We Are The Chaos Bros
22. Be My Prisoner ("Streets" Lp Version)
23. Total War (Demo)
24. Then I Kissed Her (Demo)
25. I Love The Dark (Lp Demo)
26. Freak Show (Lp Demo)

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