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Pierwsza płyta irlandzkich wiesniaków, którzy stworzyli podwaliny najbardziej melodyjnej strony punk rocka, a kilka hitów z tego albumu przeszło do legendy. Kolejne wydanie, chyba najbardziej wyjebane w kosmos, bonusów jest więcej niż podstawowego programu (single, peel sessions etc), w sumie 32 numery plus elegancka obwoluta i gruba książeczka. 

The Undertones debut LP – and particularly ‘Teenage Kicks’ – has long been regarded as one of the purest expressions of teenage punk pop. As bassist Michael Bradley says there was ‘No plot, no theme, no parodies of any genre’. The Undertones 1979 debut is an off-the-cuff collection from five Derry kids with nothing to lose. Some will read with horror that this classic LP is approaching its 30th birthday (the LP was first released on Sire in April 1979). Everyone has grown up, had kids and become responsible. The party’s over. Except it’s not, quite… Salvo / Ardeck Records has decided to make a big splash about The Undertones 30th anniversary and is releasing a special new collector’s edition of the LP. Band members have been contacted, old fans looked up, past press cuttings pulled out and extensive new sleeve notes have been written by bass player Michael Bradley. On its release ‘The Undertones’ was hailed by NME, Melody Maker and Sounds as a pop classic and today the LP remains high on critics’ lists, appearing in both Q Magazine’s ‘100 Greatest British Albums Ever’ and the book "1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die". In addition, the music is reaching a younger audience - ‘Teenage Kicks’ blasts out across football grounds every weekend as a fans’ anthem and there have been cover versions by everyone from Green Day to K T Tunstall

The Undertones – Tracklisting

1. Family Entertainment 2. Girls Don't Like It 3. Male Model 4. I Gotta Get 5. Wrong Way 6. Jump Boys 7. Here Comes The Summer 8. Billy's Third 9. Jimmy Jimmy 10. True Confessions 11. (She's A) Runaround 12. I Know A Girl 13. Listening In 14. Casbah Rock

Bonus Material

1. Teenage Kicks (Single) 2. True Confessions (B side Teenage Kicks EP) 3. Emergency Cases (B side Teenage Kicks EP) 4. Smarter Than You (B side Teenage Kicks EP) 5. Get Over You (Single) 6. Really Really (B side Get Over You single) 7. She Can Only Say No (B side Get Over You single) 8. Here Comes The Summer (Single Version) 9. One Way Love (B side Here Comes The Summer) 10. Top Twenty (B side Here Comes The Summer) 11. Mars Bars (B side Jimmy Jimmy) 12. You've Got My Number (Why Don't You Use It!) (Single) 13. Let's Talk About Girls (B side You've Got My Number) 14. Top Twenty (Sessions for John Peel, 07/05/1979) 15. Nine Times Out Of Ten (Phoenix Studio Sessions for John Peel, 07/05/1979) 16. The Way Girls Talk (Phoenix Studio Sessions for John Peel, 07/05/1979) 17.Whiz Kids (Phoenix Studio Sessions for John Peel, 07/05/1979 18. Teenage Kicks – VIDEO (Directed by Derek Burbridge for Zoetrope, in a warehouse in Primrose Hill, London 1978)

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