Violation Of Trust - Wiseguys LP

Violation Of Trust - Wiseguys  LP
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Klasyka holederskiego hardcore. 1997 rok.


A1     Behind My Back    1:38
A2     Better Days     1:35
A3     W.T.F.     1:44
A4     Wiseguys     1:44
A5     925     1:31
A6     Straight Faced     1:53
A7     Trapped     2:49
A8     Bad Trip     2:08
A9     Face The Facts     1:29
B1     Live Up To It     2:36
B2     Forced To Fight     2:12
B3     A Brand New Start     2:01
B4     Forgive And Forget     2:35
B5     The Final Say     1:52
B6     Wall Of Hate    1:25
B7     Give It Up     3:10
B8     Just Like A Plague     2:39

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