Top Dog - Razor reg CD

Top Dog - Razor reg  CD
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Klasyczny, surowy brytyjski Oi! ostatni sigiel i trzy nowe kawałki .

TOP DOG’s latest output “RAZOR REG”, the four-track powerhouse we released earlier this year on a 7” EP (along with Longshot Music) and is also available on CD from now on!

The four original tracks are accompanied by three, brand new bonus tracks, for a total of seven raw and gritty hard-hitters - honoring the tried and true sound of classic British Oi!, just the way we like it! Along with the adapted artwork, the CD-version of “RAZOR REG” is a must-have for the fans of TOP DOG, even if you already own the EP. “In The Gutter”, “Doing Time” and “The Fight” are too good to ignore and well worth the money alone! Oi!


01 Razor Reg
02 Our Turf
03 The Riff Raff
04 Fear No Foe
05 In The Gutter
06 Doing Time
07 The Fight

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