BRASS TACKS - Just the Facts CD

BRASS TACKS - Just the Facts   CD
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Cena: 55.00zł
Producent: Beer City Records

Surowy Oi! ze Stanów. reedycja na 15-lecie.


Digitally re-mastered and expanded 15th Anniversary edition. This release contains the original full length album plus the tracks from The Good Life 7" as well as the demo track and only recorded version of the song "Just the Facts" for a grand total of 18 blistering, boot- stomping cuts. This reissue has been given the deluxe treatment of a brand new layout including a 24-page booklet filled with lyrics, photos and flyers from the band's 15 plus year existence. All the tracks on this release have been restored and re-mastered by Dave Eck at Lucky Lacquers.

A1     Ain't Gonna Win   
A2     Skinhead Rock 'N' Roll   
A3     For All I Care   
A4     Trudge Onward   
A5     Just This Once   
A6     Losing Control   
A7     My Friends & Me   
A8     United Pride   
A9     Feed The Fire   
B1     Oi! Toy   
B2     Scenester   
B3     Working Class   
B4     Wisconsin Hooligans   
B5     Just The Facts 97'   
B6     The Good Life   
B7     Positively Baldwin Street   
B8     Let's Smash Some Skulls

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