HAVE HEART - Songs To Scream At The Sun CD

HAVE HEART - Songs To Scream At The Sun  CD
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Cena: 45.00zł
Producent: Bridge 9

Historia pokaże, że to kamień milowy bostońskiej sceny hardcore. Po debiutanckim albumie, który uczynił ten zespół znanym na całym świecie, ich druga płyta to skok na nowy, wyższy poziom. Emocjonalny hard core na rewelacyjnym poziomie,  (Bridge Nine, 2008)

 Have Heart "Songs To Scream At The Sun" is a landmark for the history of Boston's prolific hardcore scene. Recorded with Kurt Ballou of Converge at Godcity Studios, Have Heart has created an album that is truly unlike any hardcore record out there in terms of sheer power and emotion, as well as production. Similar to Refused a decade ago, Have Heart has taken the hardcore genre and redefined what it means to be a hardcore band and they're geared to leave everyone else in their wake. Now available on colored vinyl with a gatefold cover.

1.     The Same Son
2.     Bostons
3.     Pave Paradise
4.     On The Bird In The Cage
5.     Brotherly Love
6.      No Roses, No Skies
7.     The Taste Of The Floor
8.     Reflections
9.     Hard Bark On The Family Tree
10.     The Same Sun

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