Wolves Like Us - Late Love CD

Wolves Like Us - Late Love  CD
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Ciężar melodia i klimat  z Oslo. Post Hardcoreowy debiut z 2011 roku.

With a combination of heaviness, melody, and atmosphere, Wolves Like Us have a post-hardcore sound that’s all their own. Hailing from Oslo, Norway, the band -- featuring members of Amulet and Infidels Forever -- evokes the classic sounds of Hot Water Music and Planes Mistaken for Stars, but adds a gruffness that feels distinctly Norwegian. Lars Kristensen, Espen Helvig, Jonas Thire, and Toy Kjeldaas came together in 2010 and set off to a ripping start, signing to Prosthetic Records and touring with legendary hardcore band Swing Kids on their reunion tour. Just a year after Wolves Like Us formed, they released their debut album, Late Love, in 2011.

1     Burns Like A Paper Rose    
2     Deathless    
3     Sin After Sin    
4     Old Dirty Paranoia    
5     Secret Handshakes    
6     Shiver In The Heat    
7     We Speak In Tongues    
8     Gone To Dust    
9     My Enemy    
10     To Whore With Foreign Gods

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