Terrible Feelings - Shadows LP

Terrible Feelings - Shadows LP
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Producent: sabotage

Debiut szwedzkiej zalogi. Old schoolowy , bardzo klimatyczny punk rock, z melancholią, klawiszami i znakomitą wokalistką. Trochę takie Murder City Devil, I Walk the Line ze współczesnych. Wcale nie wolne a przede wszystkim śliczne są te piosenki.

After infinite discussions concerning aesthetics, lyricism and musical preferences, “Terrible Feelings” was chosen as the most fitting name for this musical outfit, which saw the light of day sometime late summer 2009, in Malmö, Sweden. Whilst the band may have its origins in an eternally blossoming punk scene, Terrible Feelings represents so much more than that. 2012 will see the release of “Shadows”, Terrible Feelings’ debut full length. The album was recorded at Tambourine Studios in their hometown, in January 2012. Co-producer Erik Sunding spurred them to use more than ten different guitars and amps, a quirky violin bass played over a massive amp from the 70s, old beat up drums, farfisa, hammond, piano and tons of rippling percussion. The outcome is twelve quite different songs, somehow all tied together by a common notion; walking hand in hand towards a bleak future. For those with a weakness for melancholic yet danceable punkrock, this record might just prove to be an essential staple in any collection.


1. Days To Come 3:24
2. Intruders 3:35
3. Lady Luck 2:24
4. Another Night 2:30
5. Darkness Of Man 2:47
6. Wicked Skull Pt. 1 0:45
7. Wicked Skull Pt. 2 3:26
8. Shadows Follow Me 2:48
9. Simultaneous Beats 3:03
10. Sleep As Deep As The Sea 3:15
11. Next Round’s On You 3:05
12. Rest In Peace 3:19

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