DEAD HERO - La Vida Continua LP

DEAD HERO -  La Vida Continua  LP
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Producent: sabotage

Oi! z kolumbijskich skłótów. Tak mógłby brzmieć Blitz gdyby założyli go latynosi i mieli laskę na wokalu.


Dead Hero are from Bogota, Colombia and are influenced largely by the 80's UK and French oi scenes. They released a demo tape titled Seguimos En Pie (We're Still Standing) in 2015 and followed it later that year with the Antisocial 12" which was a split album with fellow Bogota band Secta (with whom they share several members).

Earlier this month they returned to self release a cassette album titled La Vida Continua (Life Goes On). With excellent female vocals courtesy of Paula Suarez and more than able backing from Daniel Puentes (guitar), Luigi Ortiz (bass) and Santiago Gonzalez (drums) this is a release you should definitely check out.

1.Mtl Bat 02:35
2.Otro Dia 02:28
3.Pelear Para Vivir 02:22
4.Por Siempre 02:46
5.Perdiendo El Tiempo 01:59
6.Ladrones 02:04
7.Nunca Te Daras Por Vencido 02:33
8.Dime Que Vas A Hacer 02:21
9.Volverte A Ver 03:00
10.La Vidua Continua 02:54

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