ACCUSED - The Curse Of Martha Splatterhead CD

ACCUSED - The Curse Of Martha Splatterhead  CD
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Powrót Accused. Choć w składzie z oryginalnego składu został tylko gitarzysta Tommy Niemeyer, to zespół prezentuje doskonałą forme, a ich świeżutki album dorównuje klasykom z lat 80-tych. 2009.

 The Accused axe slinger and founding member Tommy Niemeyer has resurrected the unholy Splatterbeast with a new lineup that is an efficient killing machine. Their innovative sound has propelled them into legendary status and they are name-dropped as being very influential by the likes of Lamb Of God/Randy Blythe, Brutal Truth, Pig Destroyer, Phil Anselmo, Municipal Waste and countless others. The new album, "The Curse Of Martha Splatterhead," contains even more face ripping riffs, more brutal throat shredding and more intenstinal morbid devourment than ever before. Now available on 180 gram vinyl with two additional tracks.

1. The Splatterbeast
2. Stomped To Death
3. Bodies Are Rising
4. Festival Of Flesh
5. Elijah Black
6. Scotty Came Back
7. Hemline
8. Living Dead (LP only bonus track)
9. Die Violently
10. By The Hook
11. Avenue Of The Dead
12. Fuck Sorry
13. Martha's Disciples
14. Seriously Dead
15. Splatter Rock II

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