NAUSEA - Punk Terrorist Anthology Vol. 1 CD

NAUSEA - Punk Terrorist Anthology Vol. 1  CD
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Producent: Alternative Tentacles

Jeden z najistotniejszych zespołów nowojorskiej sceny lat 80-tych, jedni z pionierów "brudnego" punka, którzy zainspirowali tak różne zespoły jak NEUROSIS, LOGICAL NONSENSE and ANTISCHISM, KYLESA, SKARP czy LEFTOVER CRACK. To pierwsza część wydawnictwa obejmującego ich całą dyskografię: jest tu ich jedyny Lp "Extinction", oraz kawałki ze singli i składanek.
NAUSEA is one of the most influential New York City punk bands ever. Among the first bands to combine raw punk, metal and intense socio-political lyrics, creating a style often imitated but rarely equaled. Dual female/male vocalists trade off over a ferocious musical backdrop that found its way into the sound of bands like NEUROSIS, LOGICAL NONSENSE and ANTISCHISM, to bands of today like KYLESA, SKARP and LEFTOVER CRACK. The Punk Terrorist Anthology Vol. I collects a ton of crucial NAUSEA tracks, including most of their only full studio album Extinction and several out-of-print 7-INCHES and compilation tracks, which are as relevant today as when they were recorded nearly two decades ago. This is one of several Blacknoise Records releases to be released in cooperation with Alternative Tentacles.

1     Here Today
2     Cybergod    
3     Body Of Christ    
4     Fallout (Of Our Being)    
5     Right To Live      
6     Blood And Circus    
7     Lie Cycle    
8     Godless    
9     Clutches    
10     Extinction    
11     Inherit The Wasteland    
12     Battened      
13     Self Destruct      
14     Blackened Dove    
15     Johnny Got His Gun    
16     Butchers    
17     Tech.No.Logic.Kill    
18     Sacrifice    
19     Electrodes    
20     Clutches (1988)      
21     Productive Not Destructive      
22     Hear Nothing/Ain't No Feeble Bastard (Discharge)      
23     Cybergod *Video*

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