URBAN SAVAGE - Let Thunder Roar CD

URBAN SAVAGE - Let Thunder Roar   CD
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Szwedzki surowy Oi! Debiutancki LP oraz wczesniejsza epka jako bonus na CD.

URBAN SAVAGE shocked friend and foe with their thunderous debut LP “Let Thunder Roar”! As a bonus, the CD-version includes 2015’s “4 Song E.P.” 7” and their contribution to volume 8 of the “Turist I Tillvaron” series entitled “Stomp It Out”, making it a total of 15 tracks!


01. Thieving Bastards
02. Minimum Wage – Maximum Slave
03. When The Day Comes
04. Those Who And Those Who Stay
05. Wolves
06. Wasted Time
07. I Got Nothing To Say
08. No Cure For A Sick Society
09. Fight To Win Fight To Lose
10. Let Thunder Roar
11. Cop Riot
12. In Those Nights
13. Nothing’s Ever Given
14. The End
15. Stomp It Out

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