COCK SPARRER - Running riot 84 / Live And Loud CD

COCK SPARRER - Running riot 84 / Live And Loud CD
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Cena: 45.00zł
Producent: Taang

Druga płyta Sparrerów z lat 80-tych, plus nieco późniejsza koncertówka.

UK street punk pioneers COCK SPARRER stomp heads again with a reissue of two classic albums-Runnin' Riot in '84 and Live And Loud. Twenty-five anthemic tracks of working class frustration and pent-up aggression, delivered with a powerful blend of punk and glam rock flavors.

1       Run With The Blind        
2     Is Anybody There?        
3     Price Too High To Pay        
4     Think Agian      
5     Don't Say A Word      
6     The Sun Says        
7     They Mean Murder        
8     Closedown        
9     Chip On My Shoulder        
10     Runnin' Riot        
11     The Sun Says        
12     Riot Squad      
13     Watch Your Back        
14     I Got Your Number        
15     Tame 'Em All      
16     We Love You        
17     Working        
18     Argy Bargy      
19     Where Are They Now?        
20     White Riot        
21     Running Riot        
22     The Sun Says        
23     Secret Army        
24     England Belongs To Me

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