BRUISERS - Better Days CD

BRUISERS - Better Days  CD
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Cena: 45.00zł
Producent: Taang

Istniejący od 1988 roku pionierzy amerykańskiego steeet punka z okolic Bostonu, kapela z której śpiewał All Barr - obecny wokalista Dropkick Murphys. Better Days zawiera kawałki z albumu "Up in Flames" z 1996 roku oraz epke z coverami "Still Standing Up" z 1997.

Hey poop-dripper, in case you haven't noticed Oi is hot, really fucking hot as a matter of fact, and there is no hotter hotbed of happening hooligan howl than the city of Boston and its legendary Oi champs the BRUISERS (AL BARR from the DROPKICK MURPHYS original beatdown). An eighteen-song collection of some of the hardest hitting cuts ever set to plastic featuring two of the band's most vital outpourings-Still Standing Still and Up In Flames collected on CD for the first time. Anthemic, rotten and fou

1     Better Days      
2     Badlands        
3     Chrome      
4     The Way It Goes        
5     Chase The Wind      
6     All Messed Up        
7     Forty Miles Of Bad Road      
8     Up In Flames      
9     Hard Line      
10     Gates Of Hell      
11     Time Is Now        
12     End Of The Line      
13     Ode To Johnny      
14     Still Standing Up      
15     Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory      
16     Lunatic      
17     Mainliner        
18     Police Oppression

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