UNITED BOTTLES - The Spirit And The Legacy LP

UNITED BOTTLES - The Spirit And The Legacy  LP
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Melodyjny street punk z Belfastu.

Punk quartet UNITED BOTTLES debut with their highly anticipated "The Spirit And The Legacy" LP, due for release on 23rd March 2018 via Distr-Oi! Records. The first vinyl comes with much anticipation after UNITED BOTTLES formation from the ashes of their previous band "Runnin' Riot" came to an untimely end, following the death of singer Colin McQuillan while on tour in 2014. UNITED BOTTLES carry on with their uncompromising melodic, sing-a-long StreetPunk tunes, that incorporates a slightly heavier edge at times.
"The Spirit And The Legacy" see's United Bottles adding a extra guitar with Phil Cassidy joining the line up as United Bottles entered the studio to record their debut with Marty Martin of Belfast's infamous Toxic Waste. With tracks like "Working Class Victims" showing UNITED BOTTLES have not lost their ferocity in the intervening time staying through to their roots. The uncompromising "Big Left Hook" brings catchy sing-a-long punk to the forum, while "Born And Bred" taking a slightly harder edge.
UNITED BOTTLES have spent their short time as a band building up a strong reputation in their at home and away having played shows alongside the Dropkick Murphys, Gimp Fist and Booze & Glory and both Rebellion Festivals in Blackpool and Dublin.


01. Intro
02. Big Left Hook
03. Working Class Victims
04. Brother And A Friend
05. Born And Bred
06. Poor Mans Wage
07. Blastproof
08. Last Note
09. Truth Will Out
10. United Bottles
11. The Spirit And The Legacy
12. Ghosts Along The Gangland
13. Pickin' Sides


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