BLADES - Surf City Punkrock LP

BLADES - Surf City Punkrock  LP
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Punk rock z Huntigton Beach, lat 79/80. kapela znana z kawałków na kompilacji BYO. surowy, melodyjny punk rock z LA roku 1980.

10 song MLP from Blades on Gummopunx Records.
Blades is an early Huntington Brach Punk band, these songs are from 1979/1980 demo.
They never released anything else than 3 songs on a BYO Compilation with there later singer.
This is the raw and great early material, classic early LA Punk, that should have been released back in the day allready!

1.You're Exit 01:36
2.Not A Man 03:19
3.What Are You gonna Do 01:28
4.How Do You Now 01:36
5.Life's A Bore 01:49
6.Had Enough 02:00
7.Hung On A Pin 01:59
8.Naked Ladies & Dirty Dogs 02:08
9.Livin' In This World 01:20
10.Only Eighteen 01:51


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