Aggro Culture U.S./Wolf Bites Boy - Power Split LP

Aggro Culture U.S./Wolf Bites Boy - Power Split  LP
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melodyjny street punk z Londynu z gitarzystą Business, oraz kalifornijski skinhead rockn'roll.

Power means Power: 15 Song Split Powerhouse on vinyl, UK Street Punk vs. O.C. Bovver Stomp. WBB is a UK band made up of members of The Business (guitarist Fisk) and the Skankstern Rough Kutz. Anthemic-sugar sweet Melody Street Punk a.k.a. Sugar Oi! like Red London, Vanilla Muffins, Guitar Gangsters etc.. 6 songs. Opens their side with the killer anthem `Them and us`. Sooo damn catchy! And with a harsh message as well? This goes out for the skinheads …` Aggro Culture U.S. represent Orange County Skinhead Rock`n`Roll of the classic Bovver Wonderland meets 45 Adapter School. Pure & kickin’, punchy Bovver Sound with gifted Singer, mighty Singalongs and strong melodies. Hammering Knock Out Oi!, very powerful produced. Both bands here with exclusive new material, only 300 copies were pressed. Totally Old School: Pitchblack wax only. No fancy specials, colours etc. Tracklist:

SIDE A: Aggroculture U.S.
01. Set In Stone
02. Lunatics In Power
03. Home That Time Forgot
04. 6 To 1
05. Hang Up You Boots
06. Cops Don`t Go To Jail
07. Obsessed With Enemies
08. Life Is Easier
09. Oi! The DD
SIDE B: Wolf Bites Boy
01. Them And Us
02. Burn This City
03. Working Class Hero
04. 99 Things To Do
05. Alive And Kicking
06. I Rise

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