The Ejected - Come 'n' Get It! CD

The Ejected - Come 'n' Get It!  CD
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Producent: Randale

Weterani brytyjskiego punka lat 80-tych atakują po raz kolejny.

The english cult punkband was really diligent again and presents now their brandnew album!
This time they integrated some Reggae elements in their songs and in addition to that, the marked and snotty voice of Jim Brooks!

1     True Colours   
2     What's Going On In The USA   
3     Zombie Nation   
4     Dance Like A Dalek   
5     Blood Bruises And Broken Bones   
6     Burning Britain   
7     Vampirella   
8     Drive By   
9     Riot City Reason   
10     End Of The World   
11     She Won't Talk To Me   
12     Do You Wanna Go Dogging ?   
13     I.E.D.   
14     Dead Rockstars   
15     Epitaph

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