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Pierwszy album zespołu powstałego na gruzach His Hero Is Gone (zmienił się tylko jeden członek kapeli). Ten sam ciężar i brud, za to znacznie więcej punkowego jebnięcia. Ta płyta w chwili obecnej to już klasyka, a Tragedy to zespół instytucja, który swoimi trzema albumami wytyczył nowe tory w undergroundzie DIY i nie tylko.
From the opening acoustic intro to the last dark, thrashed out note this is one seriously intense album. The obvious comparisons His Hero Is Gone and From Ashes Rise are there for sure but to me this has a bit more of a straight up hardcore feel to it. That said though, this has some excellent heavy pounding drum beats happening and some changes in pace, pitch and mood that are so tight and sudden they scream for your
attention. The harsh throaty vocals belt out lyrix that are written as single block paragraphs dealing with overtly sociopolitical issues all looked at from a less than positive point of view. This record is very heavy, very angry and although you will probably like it, it will not make you happy!
1.      The Point Of No Return
2.     Not Fucking Fodder
3.     Never Knowing Peace
4.     Confessions Of A Suicide Advocate
5.     The Intolerable Weight  
6.     You Are An Experiment
7.     Products Of A Cold War
8.     With Empty Hands Extended
9.     Tension Awaiting Imminent Collapse
10.     Chemical Imbalance

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