TOY DOLLS - Orcastrated CD

TOY DOLLS - Orcastrated  CD
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Brytyjskie wesołki na swoim albumie z 1995 roku

"Orcastrated" is a studio album by the English Punk rock band TOY DOLLS, orginally recorded in 1995. The album features several cover versions of classical music. The album was received positively by critics. Writing in 2002, Razorcake said Orcastrated "runs pretty much along the same lines as all the other post-Bare-Faced Cheek releases, meaning the tempos rarely get too frantic, but the songwriting is consistently top-notch. The cover of Small Face’s “Lazy Sunday Afternoon” is mighty swell," and Ian Glasper also called the album "brilliant" in his 2004 book Burning Britain: The History of UK Punk 1980–1984.

2.Poltergeist In The Pantry
3.Please Release Me (Darling I Loathe You)
4.Taken For A Mug
5.Any Dream Will Do
6.Harry's Hands
7.David's Xr2
8.Pot Luck Percy
9.Ivy's Lurid Lips
10.The Psychosurgery
11.Ron Dixon Dumped D-D
12.Lazy Sunday Afternoon
13.Bowling Barmy

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