DISCHARGE - Discharge CD

DISCHARGE - Discharge   CD
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krążek z 2001 roku, czadzą jak za dawnych lat. Dla wszystkich którzy pamiętają "Why" i "Hear Nothing, See Nothing...

Recorded in 2001 with the classic lineup of CAL, BONES, TEZZ, and RAINY WAINWRIGHT, this eponymous album features DISCHARGE revisiting their brutal, hardcore roots. Thirteen tracks delivered in the style of the band's Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing.

1       You Deserve Me         
2     Almost Alive         
3     Corpse Of Decadence       
4     Trust 'Em         
5     M.A.D.         
6     Accessories By Molotov         
7     Into Darkness         
8     Hype Overload       
9     You         
10     What Do I Get       
11     Hell Is War       
12     Accessories By Molatov Remix         
13     Corpse Of Decadence Remix    

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