AGNOSTIC FRONT - Another Voice  CD
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Ósma płyta bossów nowojorskiego hardcore'a z 2004 roku, powrót do crossoverowych lat 80-tych w stylu "One Voice" - ta płyta to ich najcięższy album ever, nie darmo producentem był szef Hatebreeda.

Agnostic Front's Nuclear Blast debut and eighth full-length effort is considered one of their heavier releases in their ever growing 25+ year long discography. AF's return to their crossover roots with 2004's "Another Voice" is no surprise with hardcore mainstays Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed) and Zeuss (Hatebreed, Shadows Fall) behind the production board.

1.     Still Here
2.     All Is Not Forgotten
3.     Fall Of The Parasite
4.     Pride, Faith, Respect
5.     So Pure To Me
6.     Dedication
7.     Peace
8.     Take Me Back
9.     Hardcore! (The Definition)
10.     Casualty Of The Times
11.     No One Hears You
12.     I Live It
13.     It's For Life
14.     Another Voice

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