ALL PIGS MUST DIE - Hostage Animal CD

ALL PIGS MUST DIE - Hostage Animal   CD
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All Pigs Must Die returns with their third skull-crushing opus: "Hostage Animal." All Pigs Must Die mix powerful riffs, relentless tempos and a dark presence to bulldoze a grim path of destruction. The "Hostage Animal" album contains 10 violence-inducing shredders steeped in utter filth.

1.     Hostage Animal
2.     A Caustic Vision
3.     Meditation Of Violence
4.     Slave Morality
5.     End Without End
6.     Blood Wet Teeth
7.     Moral Purge
8.     Cruelty Incarnate
9.     The Whip
10.     Heathen Reign

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