Wartorn - Iconic Nightmare CD

Wartorn - Iconic Nightmare CD
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Cena: 35.00zł
Producent: Southern Lord Records

Mroczny, polityczny crust w stylu Wolfbrigade, From Ashes Rise, Tragedy.

Dark, political, metallic crust that completely devastates! Hailing from Wisconsin , Wartorn has been pounding it out for over 8 years. The band features members of: Dresden, Remission, and Words That Burn They have several previous releases on renowned crust/punk labels such as: Profane Existence, and Crimes Against Humanity. The production and song writing on Iconic Nightmare is leaps and bounds ahead of any of their previous releases. For fiends of: Wolfbrigade, From Ashes Rise, Tragedy.

A1     Iconic Nightmare    
A2     Unfinished Blueprint    
A3     Permanent Blackout    
A4     No Sanctuary No Salvation    
B1     Six Feet Under    
B2     Knee Deep In Blood    
B3     All Flags Still Burn    
B4     Betrayal    
B5     Burial Ground

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