Kromosom - Live Forever CD

Kromosom - Live Forever  CD
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Cena: 35.00zł
Producent: Southern Lord Records

Hardcore'owy rozpierdol rodem z Australii, w guście Disorder/Disclose/Confuse, czyli japonska szkoła, spotyka skandynawską szkołe i spotyka pionierów crust punka.

Rampaging hardcore noize from these Australian fanatics. This band takes the Disorder/Confuse style of hardcore and cranks up the distortion in the style made famous by bands like Gloom and Disclose. Has the same hard charging power and wall of raw noise of bands like D Clone, Perdition and Nerveskade but with a solid and powerful hardcore punk backbone that recalls the masters of Scandinavian hardcore from years past.

1     DBH     01:02
2     Bred To Lose     00:53
3     Shapeshifter     01:18
4     Paranoid     02:08
5     Fallout     01:13
6     Are You Free?     01:22
7     Chaos Night     02:03
8     Systematic Death     01:03
9     Living Dead     01:36
10     Live Forever     02:27
11     Hysteria     01:34
12     Swine Control     01:27
13     Wasted Life     01:23
14     Force Fed Lies     01:46
15     Sentenced To Life     01:33

Track 1 to 4 previously released as Paranoid EP by Holy Terror.
Track 5 to 7 previously released as Hardcore Pollution split EP w/ Isterismo on Hardcore Survives.
Track 8 to 15 previously released as 8 Track 12 inch by Hardcore Victims, Havoc Records, D-Takt & Rå Punk, Freedom Fighter.

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