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Originally released in 1989, 'Standard Issue 82-87' presents British anarcho punks Conflict at their most fierce and confrontational with a complete overview of the band's classic early stages. Their extremely pissed off yet melodic trademark sound is here in all its angry splendor: three full 7"s are included, plus tracks from another 7", 3 LP's and a re-recording of their eponymous anthem. 13 blasts total of raging, original and strongly political UK hardcore, the ideal soundtrack to a world falling again into a pit of nationalism and fascist stupidity. Now more than ever, Conflict's powerful protest noise needs to be listened, and loud!

A1 Conflict 1:55
A2 The Guilt And The Glory 3:54
A3 From Protest To Resistance 2:36
A4 Tough Shit Mickey 2:41
A5 Reality Whitewash (Live) 2:26
A6 Whichever Way You Want It 3:41
B1 The Serenade Is Dead 2:13
B2 The Positive Junk 0:50
B3 The System Maintains 4:31
B4 This Is Not Enough 2:17
B5 Neither Is This 2:24
B6 Mighty And Superior 3:48
B7 To Whom It May Concern 3:12

A1 Re-recorded & originally released on The House That Man Built, June 1982
A2 from It's Time To See Who's Who, March 1983
A3-A4 from Increase The Pressure, June 1984
A5 taken from Turning Rebellion Into Money, August 1987
A6 taken from To A Nation Of Animal Lovers, October 1983
B1-B3 the complete The Serenade Is Dead EP, January 1984
B4-B5 This Is Not Enough 7", March 1985
B6-B7 The Battle Continues 7", October 1985

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